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Margarita Cocktail Mixer

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Who doesn't love a margarita? Enjoy Mr Consistent's handmade Margarita Mixer which is both refreshing and zesty. Made with fresh lime juice and orange blossom water, this perfect combination can be mixed with or without alcohol. Enjoy simply over ice and garnish with dried lime or florals!

Product details
  • Ingredients: Lime Juice [lime juice, preservative (202)], citrus syrup [water, sugar, orange blossom water, food acid (330), orange, mandarin], agave nectar, water, preservative (202).
  • 750ml - 10 Serves
  • Mix is gluten free but is made in a kitchen that does produce products with gluten in them.
  • Margarita mixer has a 6 month shelf life from production date, and should be refrigerated and consumed within two weeks of opening.
  • Mix does not include alcohol.